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We are specialized in liquidation of companies since 2004 with a considerable experience and knowledge to handle even the most difficult of cases.
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About us

Quick and professional solutions for problems with entrepreneurship and taxes. We are a consulting bureau founded in 2004,  specialized in liquidation and termination of businesses. Due to the long and considerable experience in the liquidation business, we can handle even the most difficult of cases.


  • Business Acquisition
  • Legal Address Service
  • Contact Person Service
  • Accounting
  • Business Strategy Advising
  • Debt Collection (local and cross-border)
  • Legal Advising
  • Bankruptcy Advising
  • Liquidation Service

We operate in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland!

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    Business Acquisition

    We find a buyer and liquidator for your business which has become a burden for you.

    For example, if your firm develops financial difficulties, has murky or outright missing accounting data, unsolved differences of opinion amongst shareholders or any other type of problems which render profitable business impossible.

    Once we reach a mutual agreement with you, we will execute the following:

    • New shareholder, member of the board
    • New business name, if needed
    • New official company address
    • New articles of association, if necessary
    • Timely and accurate proceeding
    • All actions necessary for transferring your business to us, will take appr. 30 minutes at the notary bureau
    • The transfer of ownership will take 1 working day thereafter
    • Changes in the board might take 1-5 working days to come into effect

    Legal Address Service

    In accordance with the Estonian law – in order to register a company, it needs a legal address within the territory of Estonia, so that, if necessary, the authorities could send official communication to this address. When ordering this service from our company, all clients of e-business.ee will be informed about receiving such letters and notifications.

    E-business.ee offers its clients to register the company’s legal address in the city  business center of Tallinn. Your future virtual office will be located in the heart of the city.

    Contact Person Service

    According to the Estonian law a contact person can only be represented by:

    • a Notary Bureau,
    • a Law Office,
    • a Certified Audit Office or
    • a company that has the necessary license to provide contact person services.

    Every company operating in Estonia, with the management board located elsewhere, needs to have a contact person appointed. The contact person is the first contact used by the authorities for delivering official documents.

    A contact person is responsible for accepting procedural and similar documents from the administrative authorities of the Republic of Estonia, as well as for sending these documents to an addressee. The main function of a contact person is being an intermediary, aimed at providing a continuous channel of communication between government bodies and the company’s management.

    E-business.ee is a licensed service provider of a contact person and of a legal address in Estonia.


    All companies in Estonia have to follow the accounting requirements that are set out in the Estonian Accounting Act which creates the legal basis and establishes general requirements for organising accounting and financial reporting.

    • We offer accounting services and preparation of all reports required under the laws of Estonia.
    • We offer accounting to Estonian tax residents.
    • We prepare tax reports on overseas selling (VAT reports on online and mail order sales from other European Union Member States to Estonia, registration in the VAT Register of Estonia).
    • We offer accounting to permanent establishments in Estonia.
    • We prepare transfer pricing documents.
    • We prepare reports for your foreign parent company in required formats. We also have IFRS and IFRS for SME expertise.

    Business Strategy Advising

    E-business researches and assesses the performance of a business or department to determine its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). This usually involves reading financial and production reports, interviewing key personnel and evaluating the competition.

    Debt Collection

    We collect debts mainly in the Republic of Estonia and Finland. However, we also have experience with other European Union member states (e.g. Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania).

    Legal Advising

    E-business is giving a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law in relation to a particular factual situation. The provision of legal advice will often involve analyzing a set of facts and advising a person to take a specific course of action based on the applicable law.

    Bankruptcy Advising

    Bankruptcy is the insolvency of a debtor declared by a court decision. A debtor is insolvent if he is unable to satisfy the creditor’s claims and this failure is not temporary due to the debtor’s financial situation.

    A debtor who is a legal person is insolvent even if the debtor’s assets do not cover his obligations and such a situation is not temporary due to the debtor’s financial situation. We conduct bankruptcy proceedings, filing an application, representing in court until the liquidation of the company.

    Liquidation Service

    A company will need liquidation, after it has met its goals and finished its operations.
    Assuming the firm does not have any outstanding debts and exhibits spotless accounting records, a liquidation according to the Estonian Commercial Code, can take place in a timespan of 6-12 months.
    You will save a lot of time and money with our service, as we will take over your company within 48h and proceed with all the required actions to achieve liquidation ourselves.

    After acquisition, we will assign a liquidator for your company to take care of the whole process.

    The previous company address, statutes of association, contact info and business name will be completely changed.

    A formal notice of liquidation to the Official Announcements, as well as a final balance sheet and contingency plan will be issued as per process, which includes all required documentation (incl. the official Instrument of Delivery and Receipt of the documentation).

    The Process of Business Liquidation

    1. Send us an inquiry, preferably together with the registration number of your company.
    2. Our system will forward your inquiry to available Estonian liquidators.
    3. You will get a reply from one of our liquidators in 24h.
    4. After making the choice of a suitable offer, you will have the possibility to arrange the details of the procedure and meeting or call with the liquidator directly.
    5. The deal will be sealed in a notary office, digitally via a securities account (private liability companies and limited liability companies) or simply with a digital signature (non-profit, LLC and other organizations).
    6. The central registry will confirm all changes within 5 working days. After completion of the entry, you wil not be associated with the given company and can start from blank.


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    Reg no. 12214491

    License no. FIU000351

    Address: Parda 5, 10151 Tallinn,
    Harju maakond, Estonia
    Phone: +37253007550
    E-mail: info@e-business.ee

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